Wow, what a wonderful party in Belarus!

                       “Hej Kompis – Hello Buddy – Привет Друг”

IMG_1384-002Edwin´s Fonds party for the sponsored children in the city of Baranovichi and surroundings on Saturday 14th March was so entertaining and enjoyable as it almost only can be in a dream. Julia and Alexander Rusakevich who were responsible for the party had indeed succeeded in everything. They both are truly a gift of God to Edwin´s Fond. The stage was draped in a beautiful yellow fabric and with a great shining sun that said “Hello Buddy” in both Swedish and Russian.
Dancing girls, poems, music, tasty food and gifts.

Tanya and Svetlana, two girls with Downs syndrome entertained with both Japanese and Belarusian dances. They were beautiful in their fine suits. Nikita Bogrii read poems and a musical groupe sang beautiful Christian songs. When the entertainment was over we ate a meal together. All children received a giftbox, a book about Edwin´s Fond and a bag of fruit, lemonade and sweets to take home.

Photos and TV-recording. 
During the party was taken many photos and you can see some of them in the image gallery below. On the first photo you see the beautiful church where we had the party.
The local TV station did a report about the party to be broadcast on Down Syndrome Day on 21 March. Link below. We are greatful to everyone who helped us make the party so nice.
Tomas and Eva Ström                 
Edwins Fond – Sweden    (Link to the TV-reportage)

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If you would you like to buy the book (only in Russian) about Tomas and Eva Ström
and Edwin’s Fond? Please contact Igor Bochkar on e-mail:

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